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Toxaway Falls and the Toxaway Dam Break

Toxaway Falls

Toxaway Falls is next to US-64 between Brevard and Cashiers.  It is now part of Gorges State Park. Gorges State Park boundary runs right down the middle of the river.

It is a beautiful view as the Toxaway River pours over the granite and disappears into the forest around Sapphire (where I lived when I was little). Continue reading Toxaway Falls and the Toxaway Dam Break

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Pearson’s Falls & Glen

Pearson’s Falls is near the border of North and South Carolina. The waterfall is in a 268 acre park. It is really beautiful. The walk to the waterfall is only a quarter of a mile. It is an easy walk beside the headwaters of the Pacolet River.

Pearson’s Falls and Glen is maintained by the Tryon Garden Club. It is a great place to see wild flowers nearly any time of the year. There are over 350 species of wildflowers and plants. Some flowers are found nearly nowhere else. It is also a great place to see birds.

There are picnic tables and you can bring mountain bikes. Continue reading Pearson’s Falls & Glen