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Winter Birds in Hendersonville North Carolina

You can see a lot of birds in Hendersonville. Here are some of the birds we see at the log cabin in the winter. We put out seed, mostly sunflower seeds. And there are birdhouses in the trees and on the porch.

Photo by E. Raheem

The birds are not pets. They are wild animals. I cannot guarantee you will see a particular bird. The birds are not on a schedule. I cannot tell you when to expect the ducks. Continue reading Winter Birds in Hendersonville North Carolina

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Blue Ghost Fireflies

Blue Ghost Fireflies are very rare, but they can be found even in people’s back yards in some areas around here.

We went looking for Blue Ghost Fireflies in two places they are supposed to be found.

The first night it drizzled. We’ve been told that they don’t like the rain, so maybe that’s why we never found anything as we crashed around in the dark getting wet.

The next weekend we went somewhere else. And there they were! Lots of them. Continue reading Blue Ghost Fireflies