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There really is a Bicycle Pizza Cutter

There really is a Bicycle Pizza Cutter. It’s not expensive and you can get it on Amazon.

What can I do to get healthier doctor?
Use a bicycle and cut the carbs.

Have you seen this, or a version of it on Facebook or Pinterest?

There really is a pizza cutter that looks like a little bicycle.

It really exists! I thought it would be a funny gift for a dieting friend. I found it on Amazon.

Fixie Black and Yellow Bicycle Pizza Cutter
Ride fast over your pizza

It is made by DOIY. They call it the Fixie Pizza Cutter. It is 7″ long x 3.75″ high. The slogan is “Ride fast over your pizza.” Okay.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter in Watermelon (Pink with Turquoise)

It really does cut pizza.

The Bicycle Pizza Cutter can stand up.

And it really does look like a little bicycle.

Bicycle Pizza Cutters in Pure White, Watermelon, Palm Springs, Antarctica

It comes in a lot of different colors.


Bicycle Pizza Cutter in Terrazzo (Orange Bicycle with Cutters in White with painted Colored Marble Flakes)

It also comes in different prints.

Bicycle Pizza Cutters in Riviera (Bright Blue with Striped Cutter, Orange Handlebars and Seat), Stardust (White with Wheels in Black with White Specks, Black Handlebars and Seat), Tropical Vintage (Ivory with Tropical Leaf Print on Wheels, Brown Handlebars and Seat) and White Marble (White Bicycle with White Wheels Marbleized in Grey)


The Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter from DOIY even comes in Gold!

You can even go all bling and get it in Gold! Or Iridescent!

Iridescent DOIY Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter


G.a HOMEFAVOR Bicycle Pizza Cutter
Non-stick Cutting Wheel
Dishwasher safe
4″ high x 7″ long

I found some other brands, too. Some were really cheap looking. This one isn’t as cute, but looks sturdier, perhaps more functional.

But, really, for functional I use kitchen shears to cut pizza. The DOIY Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter is just fun!