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Paper or Plastic?

Paper or Plastic? California law now forces customers to pay for throw away shopping bags.

California law now forces customers to pay for throw away shopping bags. Can you imagine filling up your cart with groceries and then either spending a few extra dollars to bag them up or just dropping them back in the cart naked, then transferring them into your trunk loose to roll around on the way home?

Some shopper’s are furious. Some are relieved and hope to see fewer bags blowing down the road or tangled in trees. (How do they get up there?)

Sam’s Club and IKEA have been bagless for years. I’m sure sea turtles everywhere would approve.

What do you think? Should people get credit for recycling their old bags and be allowed free ones? Should throw away bags be removed completely? How will this affect businesses?

This gives us the perfect gift idea!

Everyone you know could use durable, reusable bags for all their purchases. Gift giving has never been so easy! You know something that everyone needs!

If you have already picked out the perfect gift, now you don’t have to test your geometry skills with wrapping paper and tape. A reusable bag will wrap your gift in a gift! They always say that kids prefer the box to the gift. Now it’s true for everyone! Why spend money on something to throw away? Disposable is out. Reusable is in!

Do you know anyone who only uses reusable bags? Do you think other states will force stores to charge for or eliminate plastic or paper bags? Do you think more stores might follow IKEA or Sam’s lead and not offer bags at all? Maybe “Paper or Plastic?” will be a question we have to explain to the next generation.

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