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Carnegie Library in Hendersonville, NC

Henderson County Carnegie Library
Henderson County Carnegie Library

After he made his fortune, Andrew Carnegie turned his attention to philanthropy. Among his charitable projects, he donated money to build libraries.

2,509 Carnegie libraries were built between 1883 and 1929.

This was the Henderson County Carnegie Library.

Andrew Carnegie agreed to give $10,000 to erect a free public library building if the Town furnished a lot. In 1911, a local lawyer, Charles French Toms, persuaded his father, Captain Marion Columbus Toms to donate the lot at the corner of King Street and 4th Avenue. (More on Captain Toms, Toms Park, Lily Pond Drive and more in another post.)

The Town Commissioners agreed to hire a librarian and a janitor and financially support the library once built.

It was completed in 1913.

The building has changed quite a bit, but you can still see it across from Brunson’s Furniture. It is now the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development.