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Red-crested Cardinals

We got this photo of a Red-crested Cardinal on Kauai

We saw these beautiful birds all over the Hawaiian Islands. This is the Red-crested cardinal.

Red-crested Cardinal in Hawaii
Photo by Thomas Shahan

Although it looks like the cardinals they have here in North Carolina, it is actually not really related. (Other than both being birds.)

Cardinal like we have here in North Carollina
Photo by Torindkflt

North Carolina cardinals are in the Cardinalidae family. They are really cardinals.

Red-crested Cardinal
Photo by –b– from Portland, USA

Hawaiian Red-crested cardinals are in the Thraupidae family. They are actually tanagers. Tanagers dressed up like cardinals.

Red-crested Cardinal
Photo by Matt MacGillivray from Toronto, Canada

Red-crested cardinals are actually not native to Hawaii. They are from South America. They were brought to Hawaii.

Rio the Movie
Pedro is a red-crested cardinal.

Pedro, the bird in the cartoon movie Rio is a red-crested cardinal.