Trader Joe’s Reusable Grocery Tote Bag from Washington DC


Exotic Washington DC Trader Joe’s Bag! 6 Gallon Polypropylene Reusable Grocery Bag. Perfect gift!

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Carry it all in style with these Washington Trader Joe’s reusable bags from the District of Columbia.
• Trader Joe’s quality and caché
• Fun Victorian Political design!
• Beautiful design on front announcing Washington DC Trader Joe’s.
• Dupont Circle
• George Washington Cherry Tree
• Washington DC named after a guy named George. Trader Joe’s named after a guy named Joe.
• Shopping at Trader Joe’s is a great economic stimulus package.
• White House, red rooster, quarter, squirrels, nuts, flying fish, bald eagle, cherry blossoms, ship, narwhal, lobster
• French roast for Daniel Chester French
• Wood Thrush official bird on Branch with cherry blossoms.
• Washington Monument with blooming cherry trees
• Dolphin in the Potomac river
• Gallery Place Chinatown Metro station
• Lincoln Memorial
• Call Trader Joe’s we have a root beer emergency! Abe Lincoln says “I prefer sarsaparilla”
• Learn the definition of Lobby, Lobbyist and Loblolly! Trader Joe’s knows…
• Great 6 gallon capacity to replace lots of icky plastic bags each trip!
• 11.75W x 16.25H side with 12 X 7 base (normal reusable bag size)
• Strong polypropylene keeps its good looks
• Sturdy enough to carry your objects for years
• I’ve had mine for years and I love it. It loves me back by reliably doing its job.
• I’d love to give you a discount if I can combine shipping!!

But grocery bags are free and easy! Maybe but have you ever seen a plastic grocery bag caught in a tree? Did you know that turtles teeth face downward so they can’t change their mind once they discover the tasty jellyfish they thought they were nibbling is actually a grocery bag that will ruin their life? Free and easy is rarely free and easy.


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